Monday, 2 January 2017


It didn't occur to me I'll cry again today.

Ending the class calm, with a flow of om shanti shanti and palms clasped together in gratitude, I was in a moment of peace.

E told the class the story of a lotus. A lotus is like us, how the roots were firmly planted into the mud and yet  the flower rise above and beyond from the mud. The pods hold the seeds and when a seed fall into the mud, another life and rebirth. Impermanence and forever. She also touched on samsara, wandering in Sanskrit. The endless cycles of life.

When it was my turn to share, I choked on my words and tears.

I shared on Ms Not Good Enough, Beat Herself Up and Fix It. Then tears flowed and I wasn't able to articulate how I was going through the cycles of samsara in the past years, one relationship to another, beating myself and someone else up for not being good enough. What's good enough? And how do one see beyond the physical form to see the beauty inside?

E said, a lotus is beautiful on its own. Look beyond and see the inner beauty.

I said, I saw hues of pink when gazing at the white lotus.

E replied, pink is the color of universal love.

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